Thursday, October 16, 2008

The best Indian Godfather remake - Sarkar! NAAH! "Zulm Ki Hukumat"

I know this is old and many people must have already written about this (best Indian remake of The Godfather), but I feel it is my sworn duty to enlighten you with my observations. I have seen The Godfather atleast 5 times by now and when retards like Mr. Ram Gopal Verma call movies like Sarkar a tribute to the great film, it is just outlandish.

Now, I know most people must have seen Sarkar. Many of you people must have actually liked it. Screw you guys who liked this piece of trash, you deserve to die and rot in creativity hell. I mean seriously, how did you even sit through the whole film? With a highly irritating Amitabh Bachchan, who seems to be as retarded as his baby boy. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Mr. Bachchan Sr., and have seen all his old movies, but lately, his health seems to be getting to him.

There was actually a pandit in the film who engineered the plot to destroy and assassinate the publically loved Sarkar (Amitabh Bachchan's character). You might say, "Dude, that part was not a copy, it was Ram Gopal Verma improvising!" This was so not the case. Did you know of a movie made in 1992 called Zulm Ki Hukumat, with Govinda, Dharmendra, Shakti Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, etc? That incidently happens to have the same plot! A pandit who engineers the whole thing. Wow, Mr. Ram Gopal Verma, talk about originality!

Dharmendra plays the role of Pitamber Kohli, bearing an uncanny resemblence in principles to Bachchan's Subash Nagre. Govinda plays the good clean son (like Michael in The Godfather) like Baby Bachchan in Sarkar. The worst part about Sarkar was the major screw up of the elder son's character. At least ZKH did justice to the 70s classic and spared us of such an attrocity.

Basically, Mr. Ram Gopal Verma, in his pursuit of making a "tribute" to The Godfather, instead ends up making one for his actual favourite film - Zulm Ki Hukumat (or so I think). ZKH features Paresh Rawal as the evil pandit, who was much more convincing than the goon who played the same in Sarkar. Don't even get me started on the sequel!

Does this feel like the same Ram Gopal Verma who gave us hard hitting dramas like Satya, pleasant romantic comedies like Rangeela. A person who can actually think about directing movies like Naach, Road, etc., should be banned from making remakes, especially of classics (look what he did with the Sholay remake - Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag). Such filmmakers are a blot on the face of the ever rich Indian cinema (apart from some other directors who deserve the worst methods of torture for making films to torture the public, like Love Story 2050, Neal 'n' Nikki, and some other pathetic pieces of garbage).

Zulm Ki Hukumat had the creative quotient behind it with the introduction of the evil pandit concept, Sarkar simply copied it. There was nothing original about it. There were no improvisations. There was no ingredient in the film that could make it stand apart from the other zillion remakes. It makes B-grade films look like mainstream.


  1. I wud really like to see a remake of GUNDA......and only Mr.Ramu can do justice to the gr8 script.......what abt the cast!!!
    was thinking....srk will be best pic for the role shakti kapoor played...imagine a gay srk blushing whenever sum1 says L*LLI on screen....!!!
    i wonder who all best suit for rest of the characters.....what does every1 think......

  2. dude!!..srk!! can take any one..y dat guy..take Tushar ka-poor yaar..come one not srk...
    i think gunda shdlnt be remaked at all
    its a cult movie..classic :)

  3. n btw the starting scenes of The Godfather n sarkar r same..the offer which dey get from local goons was also same..i think its actually a mix of more than two movies..thre some inspirations taken from Zulm ke hukumat also..

  4. Zulm ki Hukumat's starting scene was imba.. Pitamber Kohli pwns all!!

  5. some serious shit....waise maine tera ek bhi written material padha nahi hai, but aise hi man kiya ki main bhi coment ke naam pe ek comment dun.....
    aur yeh sab baatein m,ujhe PEPSI peete peete aa rahe hain !!!!!!

    baaki to sab theek hai....magar just ek baat, wats the fun to joke bout hindi movies wen they cant change their status----- now look at INDIAN version or interpretation of fantasy.................DRONA !! (plz mat maarna).

    cant help these guys man.....
    p.s :- just saw JHOOTA BADAN....(body of lies)...directed by ridley scott....... & my name is now HAANI AL-SALAM, not sidharth raina......

  6. rofl.. Jhoota Badan.. hahaha..

    and dont remind me of the PEPSI incident.. my nostrils still smell of PEPSI!!

    Bhai, Drona is a fantastic film, lemme just see it, I will surely write about it.. Same goes for Karz with Himesh..

  7. hmm
    impressive article, must be on top of Mt. chitshit, the time idea about jotting this one flashed in your mind and fused the very bulb.
    well really don't know about ZKH but surely about Sarkar Raj and its previous versions, all suck a big time, mere imitation.

    Waiting to read your version of review on Himesh's Karz.

  8. Jhoot nahi bolna!!!!
    oyara sach bolna!!!!!
    Himesh Reshmiya!
    and all u who dont like him , ( who actually listen to his songs at home and say " himesh sucks " to the outside world) CAN DIG HIMESH'S NOSE!!!
    whos gonna watch KARZZZZZ??????
    but any waz the movie sarkar was good.
    i didnt watch zulm ki maa ki or bhagwan papa but government was a good movie.

  9. Bhai.. Himesh is cool guy.. I am definitely going to watch his Karzzzz (dunno how many Zs).. Himesh FTW! Himesh rulezzzz (as many Zs as Karzzzz...).

    Jokes apart we should all watch Karzzz to channel our sarcasm needs in an optimized way..

    Sarkar sucked donkey balls, whether you believe it or not!

  10. Yeah! I still remember you making people watch that particular video of his, in which he's dancing awkwardly to make you smile (he does that in every video) and channelize your sarcasm abilities.

  11. thanks for that info! now i can stop searching!