Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Employed engineers and their ample free time!

Just yesterday, I visited a major fertilizer plant in our city. We woke up early and left early to come back EARLY. The route was fantastic. There are few routes that deserve the superlative in India, and this was definitely one of them. Out of 35Km of the total distance, 20Km felt like a camel ride. My breakfast refused to digest!

On finally reaching there, we had our first phase of discussions. The discussion was mainly security related, as their plant was recently certified by an ISO standard. They said that the tanker drivers we sent, were supposed to have rubber gloves, plastic pants, goggles, etc. Felt more like they wanted Govinda (the actor) rather than the chemicals that we supply to them. Then it was lunch. Lunch is supposed to be from 1pm to 2pm. We were supposed to finalize the negotiations at 2:15pm. The engineers of the administrative block returned from lunch at 2:35pm. They wasted 35 minutes without any problems.

The second phaze began at about 2:50pm. There were newer faces, atleast 3 more people had been added to the pack from their end. I don't know if I heard right but I could hear the exact same questions that were put up in the first phaze. Dejavu!! Even things that we agreed on were discussed again! The discussion of Govinda was revived and I was about to suggest they watch Zulm Ki Hukumat which was the actual inspiration for Sarkar. Yes, it was not The Godfather. They were thorough in testing a man's patience! Then we finally arrived at points that were left out. That only lasted 5 minutes. The negotiations ended at 4:15pm and we only added 5 mins of negotiations after the first phaze! Wow! Another wastage of more than an hour of time. These guys had skill. We had decided to return by 4pm, and were getting chewed by the brains till 5pm. We reached the city at about 6pm.

The conclusion that I draw from this experience is simple - engineers, once employed have ample free time. Their brains are as usual disorganized, a problem they have lived with since the beginning of time. No wonder many of them don't get laid till they are married.


  1. seriously man,they had skills..

  2. awsome!
    seriously man ! these engineer are pushed by their parents to take up engg.
    and earn good money... i mean these are ppl who have killed their dreams just to be another engineer/doctor in the country..
    no wonder we haven't won much golds in the Olympic games.

    and still we dont have as much Nobel prize winners in science as much as our western counterparts have....

    The only thing that matters here is $ $ . cuz frankly speaking our country has been thru a loong phase of poverty( and still goin on ) .

    in a recently read article why there are mostly engineers doin MBA
    the reasons were stated as follows

    1. They are fed up of their courses and want a break!
    2. Their parents forced them in to this , so they now wanna change their filed as soon as possible.
    3. They want to earn more money.

    thats the reason we dont see much scientists in our country. cuz only a handful of them are seriously into science and want to do that for the rest of their lives.. the rest jus wanna earn money...


  3. lol.. poor engineers.. but sadly what u say is very true..

    thanks for ur comment!

  4. thanks for ur comment jd.. :)

  5. why does things like this happen with u only....

  6. dude i know engineers who are busy enough to skip a meal or two everyday. it all depend s on what genre u come across


  7. i explicitly mentioned employed engineers papu, dont get senti here.. :P

  8. u cant generalize the whole community with a single incident..mind it they are the highest pay earners..rest is the syndrome of irregularities and work culture..apparently that does not exist even in the private sector..so leave these nice guys alone :|

  9. ur like that blonde guy hiding in the quilt shouting - "Leave Britney alone.." and crying in the process.. btw.. he also had mascara on him.. u gotta see it on youtube.. :P