Sunday, November 2, 2008

Karzzz - sarcasm galore!!!!!

I finally saw Karzzz with Himesh. The movie had to be the most unusual piece of cinema that anyone can watch. It took enough courage and mental strength and I doubt I could ever muster up the courage that I built ever again to see such a unique piece of cinema.

This is what makes me laugh the most. Himesh's character in the movie is Monty. How the hell can he ever be a Monty? And he is a Rockstar. Wow! This has got to be the ultimate fantasy film, surpassing the brilliance of Love Story 2050. It had it all, red lipsticks to bizzare doctored hair, Incredible acting to unbeatable hand movements from Himesh. Jai Matadi, let's ROCK!

In the original Karz directed by Subhash Ghai, which was a remake of another Hollywood film, you had a fat guy who dies and reincarnated to a swell toned guy. Here you have Dino Morea dying to reincarnate to Himesh. Just brilliant!

Focusing on the music. Is that actually Rock music? Maashah Allah, Tandoori Nights, etc., just mark the coming of Indian Rock, or should we call it Himeshock? I definitely feel the genre of HR's music is misleading. This is the reason why Indian youth cannot differenciate between the wide genres of music. When you have people like Himesh, a guy who pronounces Genre as Janre, you are bound to have a major genre confusion.

Please Mr. Himesh, Rock music is not just about playing a Guitar.

Karzz is a film that must not be missed by any person, for better or for worse, you must see it and appreciate the effort by laughing at the emotional scenes. The movie stands in the league of Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Love Story 2050, Jimmy and the brilliant likes. Watch it for Himesh as Monty.


  1. Nicely done by you, must say your review on HR's "AAPKA SUROOR" was far more better to smile on.

    This one was also, made to smile with sarcasm.
    Waiting your review on "Fashion".

  2. im quite proud to say this but i seriously man i dont have guts to see that whale crap..i mean you Have to draw a line somewhere...Dino morea!?..i mean im not gonna watch him on any kind of screen man..but im actually thinking of watching love story 2050(tune playing in the background) then Hello ..and uh umm yeah Drona(pronounced as D-rona)..and sawariya(dam-bariya OB lol..i still remember dekho saand aya ...saand nikal aya..rofll

  3. So, u managed to write this one ;)
    just imagining the self-inflicted torture u went through !!

    I don't think u able to completed "welcome to sajjanpur" that day.
    Complete it and write a review..
    let see how you write review for nice movies..

    Btw on this, hilarious but superb review.
    But even out of deep sarcasm if you recommend to "Watch it for Himesh as Monty", I guess u need Z - security protection from those who watched this movie on ur mis-interpreated inputs ! lol :)

    Rest all ok ! catch me on my email.

  4. lmao...
    i dont even have words for karzzz...i can only say that I walked out of “Karzzz” with a sore bottom..and nothing more !!!

  5. @dhruv
    omg.. just read wat u wrote.. u will knw wat i am saying!!

    @kunal fufasa
    ty for ur comment.. glad to see u here!!

  6. karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    that ought to be the real title of the movie. i am with in regards to ur point that MONTY aint a name to act in a movie....... i mean, monty, dude...that sounds like a couple wanted to adopt a dog, but due to global recession they adopted himesh...BUT , not to meltdown their feelings, they named him monty......

    & i hv a life, thats y i do not see movies like u do.... the recent i saw is Quantun of Solace...& that too 25 mins late !!!! thanks to me & joy, we ruined the movie as vinayak wanted to see this movie desperately....

    rest for more details u can ask vinayak. but bout karz, we better not talk, coz "tandoori nights" is a rock song for himesh...its in his genre (pronounced JEAN-REY)........
    btw, i feel u have the capability to talk & write bout diff. issues, like an editor.... so y not write bout topics whr we really want to spill our brains out, rather waste energy on some zzzzzzz movies....

    wat say?

  7. ROFL

    OMG ... how can u ever even think of watching such a movie????

  8. If he can manage ZKH, he can manage this shit as well.

  9. True, Karzzz really sucked..

    BUT ZKH was a good movie! don't say nothing against it..

  10. Ahh! You must be liking the recent 'Dev Anand' muvees as well :P

  11. not seen any.. and i intend to keep it this way..

  12. How could you even try to see such a movie...?

  13. lol.. cant help it when one is on crapfest.. :S