Saturday, November 22, 2008

Left, Right and Center!

Along with many other things that I learnt, when I was in college, in Delhi, was a very interesting theory. This may relate to "Group Dynamics" or any other fancy term that I know nothing of since I am not studying Anthropology or Psychology. I call it the Left, Right and Center theory. It's not entirely mine, since, there were several people who helped me understand the whole thing.

The Left, Right and Center theory suggests that every classroom is divided in two or three parts (from a teacher's point of view), namely - the Left, the Right and the Center. What is so special about this classification, you may ask. Well, here you go.

The Left side-ers: People sitting on the left side of the classroom from the teacher's point of view are called the Left side-ers. Their trademark characteristics are generally of a non-optimistic type. They tend to be less social, which may be for any reason, be it a superiority/inferiority complex, low self confidence, low self esteem, etc. It could be just about anything. When I was new in my batch i suffered similar problems. I was low on confidence but there happened to be a certain presentation that really lifted me up, upgrading me from a nobody to a somebody in my classroom. The left side-ers are generally nice people and mean no harm. They believe in the silent friendship phenomena. They will never collectively participate in the group activities willingly, may it be a mass bunk or a party.

The Center-ers: People sitting in the center of the classroom from the teacher's point of view are called the Center-ers. These people are somewhat like an opposite to the Left side-ers. Their main characteristics belong to the positive, optimistic kind. These people can be identified by being extremely social, they mix a lot with people, they want to be "needed" everywhere, they are not as reserved as the Left side-ers and are often over-confident. After my presentation, I quickly moved to the Center and adapted to all these traits, although later I eventually changed my seating yet again. The Center-ers are generally not nice people. They are helpful but expect something in return for whatever they would do for you. They have the biggest friend circle. The Center-ers crave for attention and are most likely to be found at every group activity, parties and mass bunks.

The Right side-ers: Similarly the people on the right side belong to this catagory. These people are a mix of both the Left side-ers and the Center-ers. They are the ones who would initiate mass bunks to go for a movie. They are sarcastic, sometimes brutally, social but not social enough, confident in what they do or say, they have few complexes. They have recieved enough attention and do not crave it as much (but crave it nevertheless), they always have a point to prove to someone, are headstrong and frequently impulsive. They are not very nice people. They are strategic and crafty, masters of the mind games. They are infected with bizzare mood swings. This was the side I ended up in ;). The Right side-ers are generally lazy and will never be found playing anything that requires them to move more than just their hands. They have few parties and occasionally take part in group activities.

Now, this theory may not be entirely correct, but it has been solid in my experience. Please try to observe this in your classrooms and you will see that I am at least 80% accurate about this. If not them please feel free to share your experience, if yes, then please feel free to support my theory, but please do comment.


  1. Ahh! so you are into noticing things as well, its good to hear that. Well your experience said it all, there was this theory about front and back bencher(s) but this one is really new :D. I thought this is the same old wine with an attempt not to cliche' with the former theory.

    What would you say about someone who moves around the class everyday. Dude! do you guys still have that roll no. wise sitting arrangement?

    At the end, I thought this was an attempt to inform people about the types of students in a class and a general mental spectrum about them presented in a "side-ers" perspective.


  2. I liked the graphical arrangement chat you prepared for the post. :)


  3. hehe.. thanks for noticing the chart that i half heartedly prepared in MS-Paint.. ;)

  4. well.. imho.. the back/front bencher theory doesnt explain much..

    a guy who moves about here and there in the class is a special case.. the theory wud apply to his preference..

    no, a roll no. seating arrangement does not go with this theory.. it depends on seating on choice.. it is about the social aspect..

  5. That is very true....
    i wonder how many times we have discussed it in our batch in 3rd or 4th semester... but have never taken it so seriously...
    Now that i have read this and after pondering a litle.. i remember what we use to call these three sides.
    We even gave them names... but unfortunately i only remember only one name which may not be correct for the right siders i.e GAMERS
    probably we were evolved in such common interests that many of us ended up as a hardcore gamer & some linux penguins .

  6. this stuff applies in almost every classroom i have been in (apart from coaching class).. it also applies in my friends' classrooms here in kota..

  7. e3e3 means great article ! keep up the gud wrk :D

  8. hi akhil..

    read your blog.. it a good theory though i never got to observe this myself.

  9. Hi Kaushal

    are you good at observing things?

  10. thanks for reading Kaushal.. this theory applies almost everywhere.. try and notice this.. its fun.. ;)

  11. I m not surprised to read this kinda article from u.. Bcoz I know the least imp. things somehow interest u the most.. which is very interesting to me..
    N ur article.. I'd say very well-written and very true.. I can say so bcoz we were in the same class.. :)

  12. u knew this was coming, dint u?

  13. hmmm.... well, this division of a class usually prevails..but the aspect of each & every section was not bought up clearly, this is wat i feel. left ppl usually like u said are -ve feeling waale. now the change is that right waale are optimistic & center waale are like "HUMEIN KUCH NAHI PATA HO KYA RAHA HAI" ppl... center waale are like "teacher jo bolega hum wahi sunenge". their fav. channels are LOK SABHA TV & RAJYA SABHA TV.they think general & knowledge are two wasteful words in a dictionary wich wen joined can be used for mockery....

    for left waale ppl, their fav. channels are nat geo, discovery, star world, ftv, star movies hbo, history channel, ndtv, bbc & cnn & all apne pasand waale channels....they also have impressive general knowledge.

    for right waale ppl, their fav. channels are all those wich hv english programs dubbed in hindi & all those hindi crap channels with news channels as star news, india tv, zee tv, voice of india news etc....they have pathetic general knowlwdge for wich u can slap on their face everytime.

    for me, this is the classification of all these 3 sections in a class. baaki tumhaare comments ka intezaar rahega

  14. hey sid..

    this is what i feel.. the classification that we are discussing here is based on social life.. TV is one thing that i seem to hav not taken in consideration..

    i totally agree that the left side people are the easiest to get along with.. that is bcz they are basically nice and generally good hearted..

    it is taking me ages to write this particular paragraph bcz as i write this, i am thinking about every person's TV habits.. my conclusion is that people basically love WWE, MTV Roadies, Splitsville, Meet or Delete, Big Boss, etc.. for General Knowledge they know what happened in Roadies last night and how-do-i-decrypt-the-beeps-in-the-fudged-show!

    the funny thing is such people are everywhere.. u cant really separate them in the 3 classes i came out with.. it just doesnt form a pattern.. as a converse, people who hate these shows exist in all corners too..

    i mean, vinayak used to watch "kya hoga nimmo ka" for god's sake!

  15. i basically mean, that my classification does NOT consider TV habits at all..

  16. i knew it..
    i dunno how many times i have told i never used to watch that crap..i mean if that is true then what about u having message tone of"tareeq par tareeq" by sunny how do you feel..
    hang on hang on
    u used to watch teletubbies!!
    yeah thats right buddy..this is an open secret
    you were actually teletubies when i accidently caught you watching it!lol

  17. *you were imitating like them when i..

  18. about the article..i think i popped up the same thing a year ago..with some of the intricate details..i agree to this fact tot he bottom..with the TV guide fact by sidharth 'rayeena' :)

  19. i love teletubbies.. they rock..

  20. i think vinayak ludhianvi's got some "kavita" for us..... y dont u go on & recite a very famous poem of urs to akhil? vinayak, go on....

  21. no im not gonna ddicate a kavita..he Just helped me out.. :)
    i still remember the 'black hawk down' tragedy


  22. Black Hawk Down.. 2hrs vs 200 episodes.. haha.. i remember that..

  23. Hey the article is great... as ur friend manu said abt those who like to change the row everyday... what abt them...?

    As i was one of them who sits anywhere i would like to...

    I changed row everyday...

    I never had any group of friends. i used to be a friend to everybody....

    i know my nature is a lot different... cant meet anyone's expectation... but on the other hand everybody needed my for some help sometimes n hated me too many times.....

    Our batch was some what a joke in my opinion...

    But the one thing also made some good friends... Never be able to forget them.. Ya they may forget me....

    Many have...

    Good Luck..
    Keep it up..
    Naval Khaneja

  24. well.. people who changed their sides often are less decisive..

    i will repeat myself.. this applies to 80% of the people.. which means there are 20% of the people it does not apply to..

  25. "...The Right side-ers are generally lazy and will never be found playing anything that requires them to move more than just their hands."

    main pukka wala right side-er hi tha!
    this theory is perfect! :D

  26. yes.. i knw.. ur the best example of the Right Side-ers..

  27. gr8 view point dude..! Not to offend any1..add on d list of names belonging to a respective lot(left, right, center)dat will b... wat say??gr8 or dangerous!!!

  28. let's just keep that something to ponder on.. mentioning things would require justification..

    let's just keep this a theory rather than a personal attack.. ;)