Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can I make "FRANDSHEEP" to you..? ....Piss off freak!

Please take some time and ask yourself about what the Internet is primarily used for today? Reference..? Ok, look for a better answer.. Downloading..? Even better.. Communication..? Getting hot.. try more.. Social Networking..? BINGO! In the past few years, apart from pornography, the most of the Internet browsing traffic is used for Social Networking websites. I mean really, face it, how many people do you know who don't have a Facebook/Orkut/Hi5/MySpace profile?

I am guessing such stuff possibly began with a geek looking for his High School crush or something. I am only guessing. Or maybe he wanted to impress girls with his online persona. It could be anything. The point here is that Social Networking websites have hit it really big and there is no turning back. Time independence is a major advantage and it actually helps some people to find long lost friends. The problem is that what used to be a meeting place for old friends earlier has turned into a "BAR", where you use wannabe witty pick up lines that have been declared cliche by half of the world.

In India however, use of pick up lines is not considered decent. Indian girls prefer to take it slow and the first milestone is being "friends". Yes, I know it sucks big time but you have to live with it. Until recently all your profile information was easily accessible by any Tom, Dick and Harry (notice the cliche please, sarcasm intended). So, a highly desperate case (generally guys) looks around at your pics, your interests, etc., does whatever when looking at your pics, and when he really likes you (which happens to anyone, no matter how ugly or sexy the girl/guy is), he sends you a friend request. You ignore it the first time, just delete it and forget about it but guess what, he/she doesn't! He will again try. This time accompanied by maybe a wink (which is the most stupid emotion in these social networking websites anyways!) or a one liner flirt. You reject it again, thinking he will forget about it.

He does NOT! This time he does the daring act. He sends the friend request again. This time with a message, clearly written by him. Please note that before you get this message you may still consider accepting his repeated requests but after it, you will simply block this person. The message contains the most popular sentence in Social Networking history. A sentence that is sworn to make you laugh for the next few weeks.

"Hi there! Saw your pics (even though you have a Katrina Kaif/Angelina Jolie pic, which obviously are hot!). You look sweet (wow, he's even tasted you.. with his sight!). Can I make frandsheep to you?"

Ok. That's it. what in the bloody hell is that supposed to mean? Please note that it is not a pick up line (at least not completely!). It is a genuine friend request. But what is "Can I make frandship to you?" supposed to mean? It sounds as if this guy has something else in mind! How the hell do you make a "frandsheep" TO anyone anyways? Most of all, WTF is frandsheep?

I wanted a true reaction from a person who faced this, so I talked to a friend of mine who often gets such requests. I asked her what she did with these guys. She said she simply deleted them. I sarcastically said, "Oh, come on, poor guy pours his heart out to you and all you do is simply delete it?". Then she explained the dark side of these friend requests. She explained that if she accepts it, the guy gets confident, he starts asking questions. "Where do you stay?", "What do you do?", "Are you free?", "Shall we meet?". The list won't stop. It is every geek's fantasy. The needy desperate guy wants something out of you and it is not friendship! She also claims that such requests are "dangerous". I mean they could very well be, don't you read the papers? I have even seen guys threatening girls to meet them or they would morph their images to look sexual in nature. Giving access to your data to such people is dangerous.

All said and done being a girl on a Social Networking site is awesome! You get to read and laugh sarcastically on what guys would write to you, you get ample friend requests, which you can show off to your friends (that you're so desirable). You can say PISS OFF to a guy and still get messages from him (obviously such people lack self-respect). Most of all, you can actually be proud of being a girl (No, I am not a sexist, do not bring it up, I will cut you into a hundered parts and feed it to the dogs, no one will know you even existed!).

So,while you guys read and post your opinions, I am off to create a fake girl profile on Orkut (the desperate single bar of the Internet) just for the kick of laughing sarcastically with my friends (obviously it makes for great party conversation!).

Credits to Swati Vasudev, without who's help this article would not have been possible.

Your comments please..


  1. well...this is one the topics every gal wud luv to flaunt herself on, & every guy wud laugh on himself for how many times he did these stuff.

    Talking bout social networking sites, honestly, its like a beehive...maza aata hai magar bezti bahut hoti hai (for those who hv self respect)...
    frandsheep is something tu kuch bada chadhaa ke bol rha hai...but yes, every one got ur point... and this mistake of asking gals, can i make frndshp to u is made mostly during the high school & college days..... those who get lucky (punk!) go ahead becoming an online casanova...and for those who fail, just feel like visiting profiles & not responding....

    but the topic u chose akhil, is very much aggrevated in cases of FACE TO FACE conversation... & for a guy to go ahead & say that statement, requires constant pumping of adrenaline & testosterone so that he could handle that 2-3 minutes awkward situation.

    watever the case may be.... the online frnd request stuff is true,embarrasing & one of the skeletons a guy can/shud keep in his closet.

    akhil, if u cud've added that face2face factor in it..probably it wud've ben an added charm.

  2. I Don't have anything to say about it....

  3. @naval: why dude?

    @sid: bhai.. open any chick's profile in orkut.. u will find at least 100 scraps like these.. ur suggestions are accepted and will be implemented.. :)

  4. hmm..much more was expected from this topic(as an author from you too)..nice use of one liners.

  5. ok sir.. message received and understood..

  6. Hmmmm..... the whole thing sounded like i was reading through an article in some newspaper.....

    The DO`s nd DONT`S of Social Networking websites( written specially for girls).......
    "JAGO BEHAN".....

    i must say very informative......