Friday, December 26, 2008

Why are we not using Linux?

When we have free will, why not use a free operating system?

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I have written here but I promise to be regular from now on. Something that has been disturbing me since quite some time is - Why are we not using Linux? Considering the advantages for geeks as well as non-geeks, Linux should be at a preference over the traditionally popular propreitary operating systems.

I personally have been a Linux user since quite some time now, even though I was not comfortable with the command line interface. I used KDE then and use GNOME now. Most people are still living in the misconception that Linux simply means a command driven shell. This is absolutely wrong! Linux is not even that. Linux, technically speaking is the kernel. The core. You cannot see Linux at work. What you see is only an interface, command line or GUI. A user is not meant to see the operating system anyways. He only sees Applications.
Did you know that Linux is so flexible, it supports every architecture? Even the game consoles!

Getting back to the point, it is painful to see companies forcing people to buy operating systems from them. In the free world today, should we be forced to buy anything? I don't think so. Can anyone force you to visit the toilet? I don't think so. Then why in the world are we being force to buy software that we do not need along with the hardware? The answer is simple. It's called unethical marketing practices. Large software companies are paying the hardware vendors to force their product on the consumer, who is being fooled into buying 'bloatware' at abnormal prices. Focusing on optionally additional costs, in our proprietary operating system, some applications need to be bought. These may include Archive managers, Anti-viruses that actually work, etc.

Let us calculate the price of software for an organisation whose employees are supposed to access their emails, use office suites, and similar tasks.

Suppose a company has 100 workstations and loads the popular bloatware operating system on it, along with the office suite. Even if you buy the supposedly inexpensive OEM license, the cost comes up to about $45,000. An average office machine to run these tasks would cost $500, which comes up to $50,000. Adding the price of the software and the hardware the total cost reaches a whooping $95,000. Anti-Virus and other packages extra. So we end up paying double, when we can actually get the software for free (yes, legally!), skip the cost of the Anti-Virus and office suite and get a much more stable performance. How? One word - Linux. Not only do you get the software, you re also allowed to get the source code. When you buy a proprietary software, you do not get the source code, you are not allowed to copy it, lend it or redistribute it. Linux license - the GNU, on the other hand encourages you to redistribute, make copies and lend. Just a one time setup and you have comfortable stable workstations for as long as you want. Even if you do go for the paid support, it doesn't cost much, since, you do hire a system administrator anyways.

For a normal user who wants to browse the Internet, listen to music, watch movies, check his email, use office suite, etc., it makes complete sense to shift to a Linux based distribution, like Ubuntu (they even ship free installation discs). It is not difficult to use, really. How do I know? I requested my mom (who has no knowledge of computer usage) to sit on my Ubuntu box an then on a Windows box. I swear I am not making this up, she was comfortable on the Ubuntu box but lost on the WIndows box!

The concepts in Windows are really messed up. You need to press Start to shut it down! Where is the logic? You open My Computer and instead of information about your computer you see drives. What if I want my drive to be mounted in some other location? What if I do not wish to install an anti-virus? We are paying for absolute horse****. Bulky and useless.

It is time folks, that we do some thinking.


  1. Hey dude. I am using linux since last 4 years and promoting the same among my peers. The day is near, when all desktops will have linux.

  2. thanks for updating noobs like me. btw, i amt thinking of formatting my dabba (laptop), coz my windows has been marked as counterfeit..... so akhil, i wud request u to give me a manual to format my dabba & install linux in it.

    thats it.

  3. We need to spread the word about Linux more. Check my blog, there is a collection of cool Linux videos to embed in your blogs/sites or email to your friends. Who needs multi-million advertisements?

  4. Why are we not using Linux?
    Here are some of the reasons that many of the people I know will not use Linux. OCR (optical character recognition), Applications that are not easy to use for some of the things that they like to do. Example (making greeting and birthday cards). hardware support. (especially Video cards and wireless cards), Command line. (many things still have to be done via the CLI). Drivers of all kind (not available). (learning Curve) Sure help is available if you have the time. Don't get me wrong I love Linux and use it everyday. I have used it off and on for 9 years and there are still things I can do in windows and not in Linux. There are also things I can do in Linux but not in windows. Linux is getting better and is great for those who do a little web surfing, Email, Chat, and letter writing. But for many that is not enough.

  5. that is because companies are not making software for linux.. most of the stuff is available..

    OCR: check here

    Making Birthday cards: You have GIMP

    many things on CLI?: Not anymore, a gtk frontend is available for almost everything.

    Wireless Cards: 1 word: ndiswrapper

    I personally hav nvr had problems..

  6. point 1 :it is painful to see companies forcing people to buy operating systems from them. In the free world today, should we be forced to buy anything?

    -->I am completely agree on this point. such companies are just doing black business. They are looking only for money. What the hell is that WIndows OS.

    The most surprising this is that people are ready to pay for UNSTABLE, LESS USER FRIENDLY, EASY TO HACK, ALWAYS WELCOME FOR VIRUSES, ZERO SECURITY, BULLSHIT WINDOWS OS. They don't want to use FREE & OPEN SOURCE, STABLE, USER FRIENDLY, MORE SECURE LINUX.Strange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    point 2 :The concepts in Windows are really messed up.

    -->Yes, the concept of windows is really messed up. What the hell is this anything what u want to do, always go for START & still applications in all programs are not distributed in proper manner. It just headache to search a s/w in the big programs list. In START button everything is messed up. It just user separator to separate the menus.

    In linux everything is well distributed. You will find easy to search installed s/w as it is placed exactly at its place I found linux is a scientific os every word has its own meaning & its perfectly representing the things...

    lots of things wants to right but for this is enough

    LINUX ROCKS !!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HACKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. people who complain about software availability must really reconsider.. there is a lot of software available for linux..

  8. i will not coat my words, u hav actually left me without words..

    I actually do a lot more than just browse the net.. ;)

    but seriously, if people like you and me help the community, tell them what they need to add to the existing stuff, i’m sure it would help..

  9. I agree 100 percent with you. We all need to work together to try and improve development of Linux and make it easier for the main stream users so that they will convert to Linux. On the other hand we need to explain to those who want to try Linux that there are somethings that don't work to well, but for what they use a computer for, it would be a excellent choice and it is free to change and do as you want and to install it on as many computers as you want without having to buy a license for each one.. This is important in these trying economic times.

  10. I've been using, building, computers before there was a Windows os. I have been using linux for 4 years. I don't have Windows installed on my system anymore. Why? Because I don't need it. Not saying anything about bad about Window users but a lot of them have to be spoon fed. Windows is shoved in their brains when very young by an education system that doesn't have a clue. That is why people don't want to use or learn new things. Most of the time if people take a little time to learn what is going on then they will be okay and I do feel they should have time for that. Except for silly games I can do more in linux than I can in MS Windows unless I want to spend a hell of a lot of money. And I mean a LOT!

    Thanks, Eddie

  11. hello....

    1. u still need a cli to run your system in a smooth way...
    2. u have to have time to switch and !!!!willingness!!!!

    I'm using centos5.2+kde3.5.9 on my privet desktop on my corp laptop and so does my family...

    however they do because of my instant trainee&support and mostly My strong believes in open software...

  12. I meant why do you always repeat the same shit all over again ?

  13. yes wilq i agree.. CentOS does require all that but where newer and more advanced desktop solutions are concerned, that is not entirely true.. Distributions like SuSE and Ubuntu hardly require any CLI knowledge.. I mean, one can just look up their problems on or something..

    apart from commercial software and some hardware drivers availability, Linux can replace any other commercial OS.. popular hardware drivers are absolutely no problems..

  14. @Manu
    pls go through my prior posts and kindly point me to another post dealing with the same issue..

  15. i asked this question once tho i got no answer...
    I have tried ubuntu linux it was fine.... wont say wierd coz an ubuntu user wud say the same for xp...
    i just hv 2 questions does garena and war3 work thr????
    war3 worked wid wine but garena just wont
    if someone can help me wid this i wud luv to get back to linux...
    ty in advance

  16. so do u mean to say that garena that we use is not original or like the developers have not got the source codes of the very famous program????

    I mean if they knew how they had written the client, cmon they wud know how to write a version famous wid linux right????

  17. sry for the double post...
    But in the near future is there any chance for garena cmin up for ubuntu????

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